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Batscan can be used with all existing types of batteries.

Open Lead/Acid batteries Nickel-Cadmium batteries Sealed Lead/Acid batteries
Open lead/acid batteries Nickel-Cadmium
Sealed lead/acid batteries

A battery is depending on all it's individual cells.
The only way to determine the condition of the battery is to monitor each individual cell (or group of cells i.e. block).

Batscan has been designed to fit all batteries on the market regardless of brand. Every enterprise, regardless of area and size, that rely on batteries for its operations needs Batscan. A few examples follows below:

Large UPS-batteries

In the batteries for high power UPS's, a large number of cells must be connected in series. The risk for battery failure is of course increasing with the total cell count. A large battery can become worthless with just one failing cell.

Outsourcing of data power - When choosing a data supplier, companies give priority to those who can guarantee high reliability in the form of back-up and uninterrupted power. This demands constant monitoring of each and every battery cell.

Air Traffic Control - Every year, it is estimated that approx. 1 million aircraft movements are processed by ATCC at Arlanda and Sturup. The flight plans are primarily monitored by radio, radar and satellite. Back-up power and battery UPS protection are essential in maintaining aircraft safety. Naturally, the batteries must always be in full working order – which can only be assured via constant monitoring of every battery cell.

Nuclear Power Plants - Has a number of different mission critical systems that is powered by batteries in case of a power failure, or emergency shut down. Without monitoring the batteries they become the weakest link in the saftey chain.

Large back-up battery Batscan shows each individual block-voltage
In a battery with hundreds of blocks, it is very difficult to manually measure the individual voltages. Batscan continously measures all block-voltages every 5 second and shows the result in a bar graph diagam. A out-of-limit-value is emphasised with red or blue color marking and triggers an external alarm.

Maritime Batscan

© Foto Stefan Andersson.
HSC Gotland
All modern ships rely on UPS batteries to ensure safe operation under all conditions.
The Batscan battery monitoring system will help you to avoid battery failures and is
the only system of its kind on the market today.

Clear Water a 70'-research vessel Port Side NiCd battery bank
A seventy foot yacht is being used as a reference for testing
the latest Batscan technique. The yacht is equipped with double
battery banks with 19 NiCd cells in each. NiCd is the most
reliable type of battery and investment-wise the most expensive.

General picture of a Submarine Instrument panel in a submarine Batscan software in a submarine
Batscan is one of the most important instruments aboard modern submarines.

Telecommunications - Tele-stations must be able to operate without power for 48 hours. For the very highest reliability, this operation is usually based exclusively on batteries whose cells are constantly being monitored.

Military – Armed forces have a range of operating and security systems run on batteries to guard against power failure. Without constant monitoring of each and every battery cell, these can become the weakest link in the chain.

Hospitals – Have a lot of medical equipment that is vital. Therefore, every hospital has batteries in case of a power failure. Without a system that continuously monitors each cell in the battery, those cells become the weakest link in the chain of security.