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Batscan Battery Monitoring System

Batscan is an advanced system for continuous monitoring of batteries in vital reserve power units.

airfield landing lights   exploded battery
When power failure is not an option.   This battery did not
have Batscan installed.


In September 17, 1991, a failed AT&T switching station in New York put both Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange out of business for an entire day, with an estimated loss of billions of dollars in trading value. The failure resulted in 4.5 million blocked domestic long distance calls, nearly 500,000 interrupted international calls, and the loss of 80 percent of the Federal Aviation Administration's circuits.

This incident gave birth to the world's most advanced battery monitoring system - Batscan. In order to prevent further incidents AT&T started developing a system capable of monitoring batteries in central offices. At the same time, the company also searched for similar systems worldwide. In March, 1992 AT&T came in contact with a Swedish company called Techtrade. Techtrade already had an advanced battery monitoring system that matched AT&Ts specifications. At this stage AT&T discontinued its own development and bought a license to use Techtrade's system. A joint development effort was made between Techtrade and AT&T. The goal was to further develop a battery monitoring system specifically customized for controllers in central offices.

Within a period of 6 months AT&T's controller, GALAXY was sold with an integrated Batscan battery monitoring system. Since then, Techtrade's Batscan has been further developed and adjusted towards new technologies.